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Remodeling & Renovation

If you are not satisfied with the model and the design of your old pool and want an entirely new look and feel, then it is the time to contact us for pool remodeling and structuring work. As regards our extensive pool remodeling services, we conduct a thorough monitoring of the site and the project to provide the estimate of the costs and the time period to complete the task.


It’s the small details that help your swimming pool stand out from ordinary pools. One of the finishing touches of the pool and pool deck is the coping. Pool Coping is the cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa which is mounted on the bond beam. It covers the concrete edges of the bond beam, conceals the steel projecting from the pool’s walls, prevents water from getting behind the pool shell, and integrates the finish and tile of the swimming pool. Your choice of pool coping is a small detail that can make a big difference.


The application of pool plaster is an important part of the pool construction and renovation process to strengthen the concrete structure and induce effective waterproofing solutions. This also involves the application of style and fine appearance of the pool and makes it convenient for usage. We apply advanced methodologies and utilize modern equipments to accomplish the pool plastering work with ease.


The pool deck is necessary for the swimmers to get a comfortable area around the pool to walk by the side or get into it. This particularly is needed for pools that are constructed above the ground. The deck not only provides some extra space around the pool, but also beautifies the pool and the surrounding land. You can select the design, shape and appearance of the deck depending on your choice.


From stunning glass, to subtle earth tones, from a simple waterline, to a raised spa wall, your tile is a focal point of your poolscape.

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